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Health & Safety Consultancy


At Farrow Risk Management we believe that there are three very good reasons to manage risk,
Moral: Organisations have a moral obligation to prevent harm and injury

Legal: There is a large body of Health and Safety Legislation, Fire Safety Legislation and existing case studies that serve to protect workers, visitors and other who may be affected

Financial: Fines, loss of contracts, legal fees and loss of business reputation are not covered by insurance.

Farrow Risk Management Health and Safety consultants realise the importance of working with the client throughout a project in order to achieve a safe yet workable solution to meet their needs. Changing a culture through ‘legislative fear’ is not the way we operate, rather we aim to create an environment whereby health and safety practice is embraced and viewed by staff as a positive enhancement to their place of work.

Our highly experienced consultancy team all possess creditable backgrounds in professional health and safety management, fire safety management and event safety management. Holding recognised academic qualifications and memberships to professional safety organisation they provide an unsurpassed service to our clients.

A snap shot of our health and safety services include

  • Fire Surveys and associated fire risk assessments
  • Health and safety audits
  • Business continuity consultancy
  • Health and safety risk assessments
  • Health and safety on event site advisors / safety officers
  • Health and safety policy service
  • Event safety management plans
  • Event fire management plans
  • Staff training provision in the following topics:
    • Fire awareness and use of extinguishers
    • Fire Marshall training
    • Risks assessment
    • Business Continuity Management
    • Fire Risk Assessment
    • Manual handling

Latest News


Safeguarding for Taxi Drivers

The need to safeguard and protect the most vulnerable people in our society is becoming an ever-increasing social concern. As a result, the Government has issued guidance for consultation recommending licensing authorities make safeguarding, child sexual abuse and...

NHS Hospitals

Farrow Risk Management Ltd is delighted it has now been providing training services to a number of NHS establisments for the last seven years years and we know that these trusts pride themselves on ensuring a high quality of service. FRM Ltd is delivering a range of...

Physical Restraint Training

Farrow Risk Management was approached by a large security company to provide a specialist seminar in physical restraint techniques. Although the staff attending had all attended formal instruction in physical intervention the company felt that current training...

Estate Staff Training and Consultancy

Most large estates employ a team of workers that ensure the smooth running of the estate, management of onsite business and if required childcare provision. Personnel include ground staff, household staff, maintenance staff, chauffeurs and nannies. Farrow Risk...

Doctor’s Surgery Staff Training

Farrow Risk Management recently conducted a series of staff training sessions at local Doctor’s Practices. The training followed up on a request made by practice managers in relation to staff concerns over workplace violence. FRM provide a bespoke training programme...

Portsmouth QA Hospital

As part of the ongoing training that FRM Ltd provides to the QA Hospital in Portsmouth we produced a bespoke training package that provided the security staff with both a national qualification and a customised handcuff award. Although not formally required to do the...

Kasabian “For Crying Out Loud” World Tour 2017/ 2018

The world tour began in April 2017 with two sell-out shows at the iconic Sydney Opera House and concluded in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 30th September 2018. The tour covered headline shows at stadiums, arenas and festivals over eighteen-month period and encompassed;· 82...

Protestor Removal Training

A person’s right to express their opinion and attend mass gatherings and protest is enshrined within the Human Rights Act (Articles 10 & 11). However, these rights come with caveats, for example any protest or gathering must be peaceful, opinions must not incite...

London Libraries

Over recent years London libraries have witnessed an increase in disruptive behaviour and aggression towards staff in the workplace. In 2017 management at the libraries entered into consultation with Farrow Risk Management to discuss designing and implementing a...

Specialist Hospital Training

2017 witnessed Farrow Risk Management delivering a range of specialist security training to several major UK hospitals. The training ranged from control and restraint through to regulated CCTV and Security Officer courses. The control and restraint training has been...