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2017 witnessed Farrow Risk Management delivering a range of specialist security training to several major UK hospitals. The training ranged from control and restraint through to regulated CCTV and Security Officer courses. The control and restraint training has been delivered to the specific hospital on an ongoing basis for the past 10 years and has now developed into a highly specialised programme covering relevant use of force legislation, aspects of the Mental Capacity Act as well as physical skills including escort procedures, handcuff and leg restraints and this year we incorporated spit hoods. The level of expertise that the hospital security team now demonstrate has been recognised by external auditors and the police. Other hospitals received staff training in CCTV where successful candidates received a L2 Award for Working as a CCTV Operator within the Private Security Industry and also Security Officer training where staff received a L2 Award for Working as a Security Officer within the Private Security Industry, both awards are nationally recognised. FRM continues with hospital deliver into 2018.