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A person’s right to express their opinion and attend mass gatherings and protest is enshrined within the Human Rights Act (Articles 10 & 11). However, these rights come with caveats, for example any protest or gathering must be peaceful, opinions must not incite violence and these rights can only be lawfully exercised in a public place. Where a protest targets a private event and protesters gain entry to the event then organisers / venue owners can lawfully remove the protestors (who by default are now trespassers). Removal of protestors from a private event requires skill, both in decision making and in the technical ability of the removal teams. Farrow Risk Management has been delivering effective protestor removal courses to major clients for several years, especially at Annual General Meetings where many protests occur. The training encompasses a legislative input highlighting both case law and established legislation and practical skills demonstrated and practiced in a safe but realistic environment. The training affords the removal teams and the team leaders an opportunity to practice drills and gain confidence in the process.