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FRM Code of Conduct

FRM Code of Conduct

Students attending training courses with Farrow Risk Management will,

• Agree to take responsibility for their own learning and work in partnership with the training staff to become self reliant and independent learners.

• Not to hinder the studies of other students and pursue their studies diligently, contributing effectively to the course on which they are enrolled.

• Attend all classes and learning events associated with the course, subject to absence for medical or other agreed reasons.

• Remain aware of the information provided for the course and know where to look for reference to detailed information and guidance, whether electronic or paper based.

• Complete and submit by the required deadlines any work to be assessed as part of the course.

• Respond to requests by Farrow Risk Management to provide student feedback about learning and other experiences whilst on course.

• Take reasonable care to ensure that the personal details held by Farrow Risk Management, including current address, next of kin and personal email address, are accurate and updated as soon as they change.

• Conduct all course activity in a legal manner and avoid offensive or inappropriate language or behaviour in the classroom that could impact on any other student or staff member.

• Dress in an appropriate manner and relevant the specific course upon which the student is enrolled.

Farrow Risk Management will agree to,

• Provide you with the tuition and learning support associated with the course with reasonable care and skill.

• Make reasonable efforts to deliver the course as described in the relevant course prospectus.

• Inform you as soon as possible if we need to alter anything related to the course such as a change in timetabling, location, assessment or schedule.

• Provide clear information about the course and our expectations of what you need to achieve to complete the course successfully.

• Return marked work in a timely manner and by the deadlines stated by us.

• Encourage a responsible learning environment in the subject in which, as a student, you are enrolled.

• Endeavor to fully support you academically.

• Take reasonable care to keep your personal details secure at all times.

• Act in a non-discriminatory way and to comply with statutory legislation in relation to equal opportunities, disability, gender, age, race and religion.

Please note:

It is expected that trainers and delegates will comply with all of the policies and procedures of Farrow Risk Management Ltd and the respective Training Venue. Details of policies and procedures will be made available to your during induction at the start of the workshop.


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