FRM Physical Intervention Training Solutions

Physical Intervention Training Solutions

FRM Physical Intervention and Handcuff Restraint Programme 

This bespoke course has been developed for staff, who by virtue of their role may be required to physical intervene in a range of situations that may culminate in a restraint, arrest or detention of an individual. The programme involves delegates applying a range of techniques including the use of mechanical restraining device (such as handcuffs and leg wraps). The programme has been designed to encompass best practice plus safe application of a range of effective physical intervention and control and restraint techniques. All techniques taught have been thoroughly researched and are under-pinned by legal, medical & moral considerations.   

This programme builds on the learning conducted during other forms of physical intervention training, such as the Level 2 Award for Up Skilling a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry (RQF) or equivalent. Training will provide staff with the knowledge, understanding, skills, attitude and behaviour to confidently deal with individuals who, despite best efforts, do not respond to communication, and continue to pose a clear and present danger. All skills are based on simple yet effectively proven techniques that produce minimal potential for injury to all involved.  All techniques are designed and delivered around a competency framework and been reviewed by an Expert Witness in the Use of Force.

Personal Safety Awareness and Breakaway Skills  

This bespoke training programme has been designed to provide delegates with the knowledge, understanding and skills to be able to implement and conduct a range of personal safety strategies and effective breakaway skills. The programme has been specifically developed to provide frontline staff or those who by virtue of their occupation may face potentially dangerous situations, with a range of effective personal safety strategies and effective breakaway skills.   Based upon a skill set of well-established practices the course is ideally suited to those who work in such occupations as enforcement officers, housing services, debt collection, education services, customer services or healthcare workers.   

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