Learner Resources

Learner Resources

Learner Resources

As part of Farrow Risk Management’s provision of continual student support, as under-pinned in our ‘Code of Conduct’, we will endeavour to provide students attending our training programmes with a range of resources relevant to the study module upon which they are enrolled. To assist learning the following resources will be utilised or provided to delegates on all our regulatory and bespoke training programmes. 

Specialist study books, these may be purchased at the end of the course 

Handouts, provided to delegates and relevant to their programme of study  

Power Point Presentations, relevant and appropriate to learning development 

Video Presentations, relevant and appropriate to learning development  

Certain specialist resources will be located within our Distance Learning portal and can be accessed by students once they have been allocated their login details.   

Below is a list of websites were specific information relating to the training programmes FRM provides can be found



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